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Donelson Christian Academy is more than a is a community. Many describe the Academy as a lifelong family. Since its founding, DCA has earned this reputation by being a generous community that cares for others.

Serving the community is a DCA tradition.

The long-standing mission of developing Christ-like leaders begins by teaching servant leadership. When we place others ahead of ourselves, we collectively and individually benefit. An investment in DCA equips current and future leaders who can strengthen the greater community within DCA, the middle Tennessee region, and the world. 

The Annual Fund is the best method to provide the Academy with resources that strengthen shared programs and allow for growth in individual activities. Many years ago, the Academy shifted its fundraising program to maximize its impact and influence on students. Sales-based, consumer programs required solicitations that only partially benefited the school.

The Annual Fund allows 100% of all donations to support and benefit the school.

Because the Annual Fund is an undesignated giving program, the Academy’s leadership can focus contributions toward the school’s highest priorities. As a result, programs and activities are enhanced without requiring higher tuition. This allows excellence and affordability. Over the years, the Annual Fundhas made a huge impact on DCA’s students.

By combining gifts of every level, significant projects have been accomplished and programs have reached new heights.

The Annual Fund has been able to support technology throughout the entire school, offer resources in classrooms, strengthen athletic and arts programs, and improve equipment and facilities throughout the campus. History has shown that investing in the Annual Fund pays for important resources that grow the DCA mission and supports the people and groups within our community.  

To make a contribution, contact the school at 615-883-2926, send a gift through the mail, or make a gift online at