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Visual Arts

Students in visual art at DCA produce work in a variety of media, which include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.  7th and 8th grades receive a semester of art; high school students are offered both a beginning and an advanced level course.  The emphasis of the curriculum is to learn the traditional art-making techniques that transcend various periods of fine art.

Students have participated in various design and creative projects for the school.  They have produced works and received awards for various regional and national contests.  In addition, juniors and seniors participate in national portfolio day. 

For high school students with an interest in art, or for those enrolled in an art class to enrich their experience, there is an art club that meets after school.  The club is an avenue for students to increase their interest and expand their skills.  Works produced in the club are used for portfolios, contests, and general  experience.