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Visual Arts

Danielle Rothman
Middle and High School Art 

Students in Visual Art at DCA will produce work in a variety of media, which include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. Art Foundations is the entry course for high school students with the focus on the art elements and principles while gaining an appreciation of various artistic styles and time periods. 

Opportunities for Honors classes, AP Art, a Sketchbook Studio Class, and a 3-D printing class are offered beyond the Art Foundations course. These classes are for motivated students wanting to stretch themselves more creatively while increasing their knowledge and own artistic voice in two and three-dimensional media. 

Middle School Art is offered for 6th-8th grade. This class also covers a variety of media and projects that encourage creative ideas, along with opportunities for freedom of artistic self expression. 

The visual arts classes at DCA not only help students grow in their artistic ability, but encourage creativity and freedom of expression that our ultimate creator, God, has given us. Students gain appreciation for the Art around them, and have fun while they grow in learning techniques and new artistic skills with a variety of media. Art should also be fun and have a positive environment, which is what we strive for at DCA.