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Missy Cook
Choral Director 

I believe choir helps students with important life skills that go well beyond the performance aspect of our program.  Students learn time management and how to work with others to accomplish a goal.  They learn the importance of self-motivation to help them achieve their dreams and goals.  They also gain a self-confidence that promotes a healthy learner and individual. 
At DCA, we offer an excellent show choir program that is vibrant and growing.  We are one of a handful of competitive show choirs in the state of TN.  We are the only high school in the state of TN to host our own show choir competition.  Our Fine Arts department works hard to allow multiple students to be a part of our program.  You do not have to choose between sports and the arts at DCA.  Not only do we allow our students to participate in both, but they are encouraged to do so both by the coaches and Fine Arts teachers.  This creates a well-rounded student who can continue their education at the next level with exposure and experiences in both arenas.  I also think our productions are outstanding and our students receive excellent instruction while preparing for those performances.  We consistently have students who achieve success after they leave DCA both as performers and students studying a Fine Art of their choice at the collegiate level.