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Arts Academy


The DCA Arts Academy is an extended program of DCA’s fine arts education which offers high quality instruction for persons of nearly every age to prepare them for success in creative endeavors. Our purpose is to enhance our schools Fine Arts Program and provide opportunities for the surrounding community to become more involved in the arts. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching music fundamentals and literacy, while offering opportunities to explore creativity in music. We believe talents are a gift from God that we are responsible for developing to bring Him glory.

“I will sing of steadfast love and justice to you, Oh Lord. I will make music.”
Psalm 101:1

For more information, please contact Hannah Dukles at

To register, please send the completed form to Hannah Dukles at and make your registration payment to confirm your registration.

Arts Academy Registration Form


Our Instructors

We are currently offering private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, and ukulele with experienced instructors who are fluent in their instruments. To learn more about our teachers, click the button below.


Meet Our Instructors