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Term 1 Distinguished Scholars and Honor Roll
Brooke Tometich
Grade Student Name   Honor  
4 Jonathan Barry   Distinguished Scholars
4 Kash Blem   Distinguished Scholars
4 Colin Dunlap   Distinguished Scholars
4 Bexleigh Edwards   Distinguished Scholars
4 Braxton Edwards   Distinguished Scholars
4 Ember Fields   Distinguished Scholars
4 Hudsyn Fisher   Distinguished Scholars
4 Connor Huezo   Distinguished Scholars
4 Elise Jensen   Distinguished Scholars
4 Abigail Juergens   Distinguished Scholars
4 Audrey King   Distinguished Scholars
4 Wrigley Mandile   Distinguished Scholars
4 Erika Mitchell   Distinguished Scholars
4 Eloise Pfahl   Distinguished Scholars
4 Jacob Ross   Distinguished Scholars
4 Kennedy Shock   Distinguished Scholars
4 Ryker Spann   Distinguished Scholars
4 Caroline Stephens Distinguished Scholars
4 Andrew Storie   Distinguished Scholars
4 Chloe Thomas   Distinguished Scholars
4 Lathan To   Distinguished Scholars
4 Kameron Weekly   Distinguished Scholars
4 Adley Wharton   Distinguished Scholars
4 Vivia Willis Willis   Distinguished Scholars
4 Anna Clark Wolfe   Distinguished Scholars
4 Hunter Adams   Honor Roll  
4 Denver Rose Barlow Honor Roll  
4 Cash Businda   Honor Roll  
4 Blain Calvert   Honor Roll  
4 Davis Clayton   Honor Roll  
4 Lauren Gardner   Honor Roll  
4 Levi Haslebacher   Honor Roll  
4 Hudson Herndon   Honor Roll  
4 Eva Jimenez-Rivas Honor Roll  
4 Addie Kelley   Honor Roll  
4 Jack Lemus   Honor Roll  
4 Nolan Midgett   Honor Roll  
4 Braden Millsaps   Honor Roll  
4 Jackson Nalley   Honor Roll  
4 Kennedy Newson   Honor Roll  
4 Emery Owen   Honor Roll  
4 Dhiya Patel   Honor Roll  
4 Liam Recknagel   Honor Roll  
4 Mercy Roussell   Honor Roll  
4 Hailee Sain   Honor Roll  
4 Gus Scragg   Honor Roll  
4 Olivia Tidwell   Honor Roll  
4 Briley Weeks   Honor Roll  
4 Jaxon Yonnotti   Honor Roll  
5 Josiah Altom   Distinguished Scholars
5 Connor Baer   Distinguished Scholars
5 Colton Beltran   Distinguished Scholars
5 Hudson Bingham   Distinguished Scholars
5 Emma Bradley   Distinguished Scholars
5 Henry Burger   Distinguished Scholars
5 Sydney Calloway   Distinguished Scholars
5 Aubrey Chandler   Distinguished Scholars
5 Olivia Crocker   Distinguished Scholars
5 Elli Davis   Distinguished Scholars
5 Thomas Dixon   Distinguished Scholars
5 Aubrey Fischer   Distinguished Scholars
5 Jane Gosnell   Distinguished Scholars
5 Bains Ingram   Distinguished Scholars
5 Gabriella Isbell   Distinguished Scholars
5 Dalton Kelley   Distinguished Scholars
5 Finn Kurek   Distinguished Scholars
5 Blake Littlefield   Distinguished Scholars
5 Brennon Mitchell   Distinguished Scholars
5 Oliver Norris   Distinguished Scholars
5 Mason Owen   Distinguished Scholars
5 Jude Rogerson   Distinguished Scholars
5 Ava Mei Schwartz Distinguished Scholars
5 Kaycee Soklin   Distinguished Scholars
5 Jack Spoo   Distinguished Scholars
5 Zurrai Swett   Distinguished Scholars
5 Kate Thomas   Distinguished Scholars
5 Norah Bullington   Honor Roll  
5 Tyler Crabtree   Honor Roll  
5 Bryn Fagan   Honor Roll  
5 Baden Goad   Honor Roll  
5 Ella Ruth Howell   Honor Roll  
5 Mia Mezanava   Honor Roll  
5 Réme Lynn Miller   Honor Roll  
5 Connor Quinlan   Honor Roll  
5 Riley Roussell   Honor Roll  
5 Mia Scruggs   Honor Roll  
5 Jack Shock   Honor Roll  
5 Ryan Siano   Honor Roll  
5 Preston Smith   Honor Roll  
5 Jianni Stephens   Honor Roll  
5 Kyan Tailor Tailor   Honor Roll  
5 Karly Thomas   Honor Roll  
5 Abbi Vallee   Honor Roll  
5 Cruze Vanatta   Honor Roll  
5 Hudson Vinett   Honor Roll  
5 Lucas Watson   Honor Roll  
5 Knox Willis   Honor Roll  
6 Qais Birch   Distinguished Scholars
6 Vivian Brown   Distinguished Scholars
6 Nataliz Carpio   Distinguished Scholars
6 Mason Cioccia   Distinguished Scholars
6 Olivia Couch   Distinguished Scholars
6 Hannah Green   Distinguished Scholars
6 Joseph Hawkins   Distinguished Scholars
6 Arlie Henley   Distinguished Scholars
6 Marisa Hobbs   Distinguished Scholars
6 Jett Holman   Distinguished Scholars
6 Owen Littlefield   Distinguished Scholars
6 Ethan Luepke   Distinguished Scholars
6 Nadia Mattingly   Distinguished Scholars
6 Sarah Ponath   Distinguished Scholars
6 Karalynn Sanders   Distinguished Scholars
6 Mila Simmons   Distinguished Scholars
6 Carson Slone   Distinguished Scholars
6 Landon Slone   Distinguished Scholars
6 Harper Anne Smith Distinguished Scholars
6 Lillie Smith   Distinguished Scholars
6 Ben Spain   Distinguished Scholars
6 Austin Spardoné   Distinguished Scholars
6 Easton Stanton   Distinguished Scholars
6 Sloane Unland   Distinguished Scholars
6 Lyndon Tometich   Distinguished Scholars
6 Grant Wilson   Distinguished Scholars
6 Sam Anderson   Honor Roll  
6 Allison Barry   Honor Roll  
6 Scarlett Beachy   Honor Roll  
6 Max Beaubien   Honor Roll  
6 Jackson Brantley   Honor Roll  
6 Emerson Burger   Honor Roll  
6 Bryce Calloway   Honor Roll  
6 Addie Cipolla   Honor Roll  
6 Neil Corbin   Honor Roll  
6 Ry’lee Dean   Honor Roll  
6 Monroe Dunlap   Honor Roll  
6 Avery Hinner   Honor Roll  
6 Kate Hizer   Honor Roll  
6 Cole Johnson   Honor Roll  
6 Chase Johnson   Honor Roll  
6 Connor McCurley   Honor Roll  
6 Eli McGill   Honor Roll  
6 Presley Mooningham Honor Roll  
6 Hadley Northern   Honor Roll  
6 Rudy Rivera   Honor Roll  
6 Nicholas Russo   Honor Roll  
6 Daniel Rutherford   Honor Roll  
6 Chance Weekly   Honor Roll  
7 Dax Abbott   Distinguished Scholars
7 Averie Beltran   Distinguished Scholars
7 Lilly Faye Bradley   Distinguished Scholars
7 Nadia Bucher   Distinguished Scholars
7 Anna Rose Dunsmore Distinguished Scholars
7 Bennett Hannah   Distinguished Scholars
7 Anniston Lasater   Distinguished Scholars
7 Ginger Nix   Distinguished Scholars
7 Emily Storie   Distinguished Scholars
7 Anniston Townes   Distinguished Scholars
7 Liliana Yohannes   Distinguished Scholars
7 Leyton Autrey   Honor Roll  
7 Lucy Ban   Honor Roll  
7 Jonathan Best   Honor Roll  
7 Cooper Boehm   Honor Roll  
7 William Clayton   Honor Roll  
7 Ellie Eddie   Honor Roll  
7 Nolan Gates   Honor Roll  
7 Grey Glaser   Honor Roll  
7 Annelisa Hargrove Honor Roll  
7 Julie Huezo   Honor Roll  
7 Tharp Hutsenpiller Honor Roll  
7 Luke Inscoe   Honor Roll  
7 Hudson Lee   Honor Roll  
7 William Long   Honor Roll  
7 Marcus Lyles   Honor Roll  
7 Nolan McGough   Honor Roll  
7 Amaya McKinney   Honor Roll  
7 Ellie Michel   Honor Roll  
7 Cole Montgomery   Honor Roll  
7 Liam Patel   Honor Roll  
7 Lee Queener   Honor Roll  
7 Juliet Rader   Honor Roll  
7 Micah Rogers   Honor Roll  
7 Ty Roy Roy   Honor Roll  
7 Amelia Ruban   Honor Roll  
7 Sofia Schaefer   Honor Roll  
7 Gray Shinska   Honor Roll  
7 Miles Smelcer   Honor Roll  
7 Josh Turnbo   Honor Roll  
7 Milan Wilson Osborne Honor Roll  
7 Audrey Witherington Honor Roll  
7 Jack Wolfe   Honor Roll  
8 Rachael Baker   Distinguished Scholars
8 Aliyah Banks   Distinguished Scholars
8 Kingston Bullington Distinguished Scholars
8 Ladarrelle Clements-Bey Distinguished Scholars
8 Noah David   Distinguished Scholars
8 Molly Hacker   Distinguished Scholars
8 Emerson Jones   Distinguished Scholars
8 Jonathan Lawther   Distinguished Scholars
8 Katelyn McWhorter Distinguished Scholars
8 Erik Utterstrom   Distinguished Scholars
8 Jaxton Allen   Honor Roll  
8 Aniston Allmon   Honor Roll  
8 Farrah Barlow   Honor Roll  
8 Sarah Grace Baxter Honor Roll  
8 Eli Beaubien   Honor Roll  
8 Shelby Carey   Honor Roll  
8 Ava Davis   Honor Roll  
8 Dominic Davis   Honor Roll  
8 Phoenix Drennen   Honor Roll  
8 Xaria Goins   Honor Roll  
8 Jackson Grant   Honor Roll  
8 Keeton Hackman   Honor Roll  
8 Lillie Harding   Honor Roll  
8 Bentley Harris   Honor Roll  
8 Makayla Hutto   Honor Roll  
8 Mckenna Jamison   Honor Roll  
8 Kannon Knight   Honor Roll  
8 Melody Nguyen   Honor Roll  
8 Eva Norris   Honor Roll  
8 Piper Sawyer   Honor Roll  
8 Samantha Schierling Honor Roll  
8 Tristan Smith   Honor Roll  
8 Corban Stone   Honor Roll  
8 Summer Thomas   Honor Roll  
8 Kane Zimmerman Honor Roll  
9 Franceska Ago   Distinguished Scholars
9 Olivia Ballard   Distinguished Scholars
9 Emma Bowen   Distinguished Scholars
9 Jude Buckner   Distinguished Scholars
9 Jasmin Carpio   Distinguished Scholars
9 Kate Coleman   Distinguished Scholars
9 Brycen Hamilton   Distinguished Scholars
9 Olivia Hamilton   Distinguished Scholars
9 Molly Hillis   Distinguished Scholars
9 Addy Inscoe   Distinguished Scholars
9 Kenadie Margias   Distinguished Scholars
9 Leeya Patel   Distinguished Scholars
9 Lydia Russo   Distinguished Scholars
9 Aedyn Thompson   Distinguished Scholars
9 Jillian Unland   Distinguished Scholars
9 Addyson Anderson Honor Roll  
9 Reagan Anderson   Honor Roll  
9 Caylee Austin   Honor Roll  
9 Owen Ban   Honor Roll  
9 Dalaun Biggers   Honor Roll  
9 Camryn Bledsoe   Honor Roll  
9 Maggie Bosworth   Honor Roll  
9 Jackson Canning   Honor Roll  
9 Chloe Carawan   Honor Roll  
9 Riley Clements   Honor Roll  
9 Lily Crace   Honor Roll  
9 Kylie DeLacey   Honor Roll  
9 Keaton Denton   Honor Roll  
9 Delaney Edwards   Honor Roll  
9 Victoria Frangis   Honor Roll  
9 Maggie Gibson   Honor Roll  
9 Bryce Goad   Honor Roll  
9 Jaden Griggs   Honor Roll  
9 Jarith Guzman   Honor Roll  
9 Mayer Hawkins   Honor Roll  
9 Andrew Hobbs   Honor Roll  
9 Emilee Jennings   Honor Roll  
9 Evelyn Johnson   Honor Roll  
9 Miriam Juergens   Honor Roll  
9 Addie Kremer   Honor Roll  
9 Hadley Lett   Honor Roll  
9 Maddie McHenry   Honor Roll  
9 Hope Nelson   Honor Roll  
9 Amelia Pifko   Honor Roll  
9 Cole Rothman   Honor Roll  
9 Noah Savley   Honor Roll  
9 Semih Sen   Honor Roll  
9 Toni Simmons   Honor Roll  
9 Ashlyn Slone   Honor Roll  
9 Allie Thomas   Honor Roll  
9 Laterra Ward   Honor Roll  
9 Claudia Washington Honor Roll  
9 Gracyn White   Honor Roll  
9 Trey Willis   Honor Roll  
9 Avery Wilson   Honor Roll  
10 Josh Altman   Distinguished Scholars
10 Hallie Anderson   Distinguished Scholars
10 Spencer Anderson Distinguished Scholars
10 Bella Austin   Distinguished Scholars
10 Ellie Biddle   Distinguished Scholars
10 Wes Bledsoe   Distinguished Scholars
10 Blake Brown   Distinguished Scholars
10 Brock Crews   Distinguished Scholars
10 Sofia Griffiths   Distinguished Scholars
10 Emerson Hannah   Distinguished Scholars
10 Jake Herron   Distinguished Scholars
10 Rylee Hill   Distinguished Scholars
10 Jason Johnson   Distinguished Scholars
10 Mia Johnson   Distinguished Scholars
10 Kendra Matheson   Distinguished Scholars
10 Kaylee Nix   Distinguished Scholars
10 Emily Palk   Distinguished Scholars
10 Aidan Quirk   Distinguished Scholars
10 Audrey Rowe   Distinguished Scholars
10 Aidan Quirk   Distinguished Scholars
10 Audrey Rowe   Distinguished Scholars
10 Grayson Scragg   Distinguished Scholars
10 Emma Wistuff   Distinguished Scholars
10 Katie Anderson   Honor Roll  
10 Brooklyn Campbell Honor Roll  
10 Noah Chamberlain Honor Roll  
10 Lola Crouch Crouch-Wair Honor Roll  
10 Blake Cullen   Honor Roll  
10 Hannah Dye   Honor Roll  
10 Cole Franklin   Honor Roll  
10 Avery Harris   Honor Roll  
10 Landon Jacobs   Honor Roll  
10 Blaine Jones   Honor Roll  
10 Allison Long   Honor Roll  
10 Emma Luepke   Honor Roll  
10 Avery Lynch   Honor Roll  
10 Aeyzsha Meriwether Honor Roll  
10 Sam Mintmire   Honor Roll  
10 Sofii Mitchell   Honor Roll  
10 Athrv Patel   Honor Roll  
10 Rose Queener   Honor Roll  
10 Morgan Smith   Honor Roll  
10 Tahira Smith   Honor Roll  
10 Carson Sneed   Honor Roll  
10 Luke Spain   Honor Roll  
10 CC Toussaint   Honor Roll  
10 London Tucker   Honor Roll  
10 Brynley Usry   Honor Roll  
10 Caden Woods   Honor Roll  
11 Will Boehm   Distinguished Scholars
11 Peyton Cary   Distinguished Scholars
11 Isaac Crace   Distinguished Scholars
11 Eli Crow   Distinguished Scholars
11 Chris Henley   Distinguished Scholars
11 Camden Palk   Distinguished Scholars
11 Julie Parsons   Distinguished Scholars
11 Rayna Patton   Distinguished Scholars
11 Lily Anne Perez   Distinguished Scholars
11 Connor Pesik   Distinguished Scholars
11 Adam Phelps   Distinguished Scholars
11 Emma Sanders   Distinguished Scholars
11 Heather Scales   Distinguished Scholars
11 Semaj Toussaint   Distinguished Scholars
11 Olivia Zimmerman Distinguished Scholars
11 Ethan Brewington Honor Roll  
11 Skye Brewster   Honor Roll  
11 Mitchell Carey   Honor Roll  
11 Kinsley Coleman   Honor Roll  
11 Anaya Dawson   Honor Roll  
11 Graham Dockstader Honor Roll  
11 J.J. Dubin, Jr   Honor Roll  
11 Lilly Elkins   Honor Roll  
11 Bailey Shepard Goad Honor Roll  
11 Mia Huffstickler   Honor Roll  
11 Kennedy Knight   Honor Roll  
11 Noah Leach   Honor Roll  
11 Sophia Martinez   Honor Roll  
11 Charlotte Michel   Honor Roll  
11 Trinity Victory-Doyle Honor Roll  
11 Ravynn Williams   Honor Roll  
11 Jonah Wizer   Honor Roll  
12 Clare Altman   Distinguished Scholars
12 Sloane Biddle   Distinguished Scholars
12 Hannah Case   Distinguished Scholars
12 Ethan Currey   Distinguished Scholars
12 Sam Delaney   Distinguished Scholars
12 Kylie Ducharme   Distinguished Scholars
12 David Feldhaus   Distinguished Scholars
12 Xavier Goins   Distinguished Scholars
12 Ansley Hamilton   Distinguished Scholars
12 Stella Hayes   Distinguished Scholars
12 Kaden Hume   Distinguished Scholars
12 Laney Ivanov   Distinguished Scholars
12 Mia Johnson   Distinguished Scholars
12 Zoe Lawrence   Distinguished Scholars
12 Lucy Long   Distinguished Scholars
12 Alyssa Mallory   Distinguished Scholars
12 Lucy McLaren   Distinguished Scholars
12 Haley Montes   Distinguished Scholars
12 Olivia Nichols   Distinguished Scholars
12 Nora Pfahl   Distinguished Scholars
12 Meredith Root   Distinguished Scholars
12 Colin Rutzky   Distinguished Scholars
12 Neve Scalf   Distinguished Scholars
12 Emily Shrum   Distinguished Scholars
12 Carson Swain   Distinguished Scholars
12 Faith Beierling   Honor Roll  
12 Audrey Coulter   Honor Roll  
12 Trace Crabtree   Honor Roll  
12 Wesley Gober   Honor Roll  
12 Carter Hackman   Honor Roll  
12 Maverick Harris   Honor Roll  
12 Luke Hyatt   Honor Roll  
12 Trevor Jones   Honor Roll  
12 Noah MacDonald   Honor Roll  
12 Kayden Margias   Honor Roll  
12 Jesse Grace Pearson Honor Roll  
12 Makenna Peterson Honor Roll  
12 Lorelei Rogers   Honor Roll  
12 Evan Sanginario   Honor Roll  
12 Jake Schaefer   Honor Roll  
12 Tristan Scott   Honor Roll  
12 Colby Stephens   Honor Roll  
12 Josh Todd   Honor Roll  
12 Wes Twining   Honor Roll  
12 Ali Walker   Honor Roll  
The Class of 2022 Valedictorians Announced
Brooke Tometich

DCA is proud to announce of Valedictorians of the Class of 2022.

Pictured left to right, our Valedictorians are: Gunner Schierling, Aaron Davis, Ben Altman, and Rubric Barredo. These four young men have taken at least 5 Advanced Placement courses at DCA and at least 8 additional honors-level courses, maintaining a perfect 4.0 unweighted grade point average in all high school courses completed. 

Congratulations, Valedictorians! We are so proud of all of your hard work. 

  • Academic
Rubric Barredo Named a Commended Student
Brooke Tometich

Rubric Barredo has been named a Commended Student in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program. About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended Students placed among the top 50,000 out of 1.5 million students who entered the 2022 completion by taking the 2020 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/MMSQT).

“Those being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success,” commented a spokesperson for NMSC. “These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation.”

2022 Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Announced
Brooke Tometich

Congratulations to Ben Altman and Gunner Schierling who were announced as Semifinalists in the 2022 Merit Scholarship Competition.

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition for recognition and scholarships that is open to all the U.S. high school students who meet published entry requirements. High school students entered the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2020 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). Semifinalists named in each year's Merit Scholarship competition show exceptional academic ability and potential for success in rigorous college studies.

Out of 1.5 million U.S. high school students who entered the 2022 competition for the National Merit Program Scholarship, 16,000 qualified as semifinalists. The 16,000 Semifinalists are the highest-scoring entrants in each state and represent less than 1 percent of each state's high school seniors. They are the only participants who qualify to continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships to be awarded in the spring of 2022. 



2022 National Merit Scholarship Program, Semifinalists

Ben Altman Scores Perfect 36 on ACT
Brooke Tometich

Congratulations to Ben Altman who earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36!

Fewer than half of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2020, only 5,579 out of 1.67 million students who took the ACT earned a top composite score of 36. (We had a member of the DCA Class of 2020 earn a 36 as well!)

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science, each scored on a scale of 1–36. A student's composite score is the average of the four test scores. The score for ACT’s optional writing test is reported separately and is not included within the ACT composite score.

“Earning a top score on the ACT is a remarkable achievement,” said ACT CEO Janet Godwin. “A student’s exceptional score of 36 will provide any college or university with ample evidence of their readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.”

The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement exam that measures what students have learned in school. Students who earn a 36 composite score have likely mastered all of the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in first-year college courses in the core subject areas.

ACT scores are accepted by all major four-year colleges and universities across the US.

We are so proud of you Ben!