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Spiritual Life Directors

Our mission of preparing students to Lead for the Kingdom starts by educating our youngest learners about the love of our Father and the passion of His son, Jesus Christ. We do this by bringing biblical lessons to life through the learning of simple memory verses, songs, videos, and skits that actively engage the children while also establishing God's word in their hearts. 

-Sherrie McGuire

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Spiritual Life Director 


One thing I love about DCA is that we can openly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

with our students. My favorite part of the week is when we are able to dive into

Scripture and not only read about people who loved and trusted God in spite of their

imperfections but discuss what truths we can cling to right now in our own lives. We

are training our students to ask themselves what they can learn about God through

every part of Scripture. Our mission is for our students to know that we love them, but

most importantly that God loves them.

-Bethany Cooper

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Spiritual Life Director


Our mission is to help students strengthen their relationship with God. Through

praise, worship, and faith-filled lessons, students are immersed in God’s radiating

love for them. As students learn about 

who God is, they discover how to love Him,

love others, and walk in His promises.

-Janelle Stone

2nd and 3rd Grade Spiritual Life Director


We offer a gospel focused and grace driven experience that allows students to know

that they are made, loved, and cared for by God. Our aim is to help students grow in

their faith, cultivate Godly character, and learn how to apply God’s word to their lives

as they develop into Christ-like leaders.

-Eric Barbour

4th and 5th Grade Spiritual Life Director

Our mission is for students to encounter Jesus through the truth of his Word in a safe

and nurturing environment. We hold to the Gospel and guide students in their faith

growth as the Holy Spirit works within and through them to transform their hearts

and the culture around them.

-Kevin Busch

Middle and Upper Spiritual Life Director

Eric Barbour

Eric Barbour

Job Title: 4th Grade Teacher and Elementary Spiritual Life Director for 4th/5th Grade
Kevin Busch

Kevin Busch

Job Title: Spiritual Life Director and Instructor of Christian Studies
Bethany Cooper

Bethany Cooper

Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher and Spiritual Life Director for K/1st Grades
Sherrie McGuire

Sherrie McGuire

Job Title: Director of Early Learning
Janelle Stone

Janelle Stone

Job Title: 2nd Grade Teacher and Spiritual Life Director for 2nd/3rd Grade