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International Student Program

DCA International Student Program

The DCA International Student Program allows students from around the world to finish their high school experience in the United States with the intention of enrolling in an American college or university. A major strength of DCA's program is our partnership with host families. Living in an American household improves English fluency, enriches the cultural and curricular education, and allows the student to experience a loving, Christian home. DCA partners each year with mission-minded families to host students and welcome them into their homes and families. For more information about the DCA International Student program, please contact Bret Schierling at 615-577-1234 or

Click HERE to download the DCA International Student Application and Admission Information.

Click HERE to download DCA International Program Information (English Version).

Click HERE to download DCA International Program Information (Chinese Version) 国际学生项目说明书—中文版.

Application: We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents the ability to track the status of their child's application. To begin the online application process Create an Application Account. Upon account creation, you will receive an email containing a verification link. Once your email address has been verified, log in to your account and Create A New Student Application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application.

International Partner - NDU Education

Donelson Christian Academy is excited to partner with NDU Education. As one of our partners, NDU recruits students for Donelson Christian Academy’s International Student Program. NDU is a Christ-centered entity, and NDU has been working with international students since 2002 with a clear vision towards building leaders of character for God's Kingdom. More information about NDU is found on their website at