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Financial Aid Program

Financial Aid Process

Donelson Christian Academy (DCA) desires to keep Christian education affordable. The balance between cost of quality education and the financial ability of parents is the most challenging aspect of Christian education today. DCA has a financial aid program to assist families seeking an excellent Christian education for their kindergarten through 12th grade students. The following is an outline of the financial aid process.

  • An application must be completed through School and Student Services (SSS), a third party agency, which will require you to upload your tax return, W-2, complete the parent financial statement and pay a $60 application fee. The tax return must have the student listed as a dependent to be accepted. This application can be completed at and DCA may require the completion of IRS form 4506 if any issues with the tax return arise.

  • Financial Aid Parent Workbooks:

  • SSS will use the information the applicant has provided to calculate the amount a family can afford for private school education. DCA uses internal guidelines to award financial aid based on this calculation. Award offerings will be sent no later than April 1st for applications received by March 1st, on May 1st for applications received by April 1st, June 1st for applications received by May 1st. Any returning students applications received after May 1st will be processed in as timely a manner as possible but are not guaranteed an award offering as financial aid is limited and funds are reserved for new students applying throughout the summer.

  • Once you have received your award offering you must accept, refuse, or appeal your offering within ten days, details will be provided in the award offering email. Those that do not respond will be considered a refusal and their award offering will be placed into the financial aid awards allocation for the next cycle and forfeit their award.  Those that appeal their offer for any reason will be moved to the next award cycle and are not guaranteed their original award moving forward and will be subject to the remaining Financial Aid budget and the decision of the financial aid award committee for their new offer if any. This process is to offer financial aid to as many families as possible with the financial aid dollars available.

If you have a question or wish to check the status of your application you may contact SSS at 800-344-8328 or Kristin Carey in the DCA business office at