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Sixth Grade

Core Course and Elective Descriptions


English (Required, full year)


The sixth grade Language Arts curriculum is a comprehensive English course.  Vocabulary is taught through a systematic approach that encourages students to learn new words, and to incorporate them into every day practice. An appreciation of quality literature is taught through novel studies, short stories, and monthly book reports.  Grammar and writing instruction are also emphasized throughout the year.

Textbooks/Curriculum: Worldly Wise 3000, Book 6; The Language of Literature, McDougal Littell; The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Mathematics (Required, full year)


Sixth grade students take either Math 6 or Accelerated Math 6. Placement is based on their class performance in fifth grade math as well as their fifth grade achievement test scores.

In Math 6, students expand their mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, fractions and integers. They explore a variety of geometric topics involving area, volume, and measurement. Students also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while working with ratios, functions, proportions, percents, probability, algebra, and graphs. Textbook: Reveal Math, McGraw-Hill

In Accelerated Math 6, students develop skills using number sense, patterns, and algebraic thinking. They perform various operations using decimals, fractions, and integers. Students solve equations, inequalities, functions, and proportions as well as work with ratios and percents. Students explore geometric figures, their areas, measurements, volumes, and surface areas. Skills of interpreting and investigating data, statistics and probability are also developed. Textbook: EnVision Math 2.0, 7th Grade Ed, Scott Foresman

Science (Required, full year)


The sixth grade science curriculum is focused on developing inquiry and laboratory skills through the study of earth science.  Through hands-on activities students are introduced to the scientific method, its use, and application to situations that are relevant to the student.  Concepts such as the Earth’s beginning, geology, meteorology, and astronomy are taught through exploration and discovery from both a scientific and Biblical perspective.  Textbook: Earth and Space Science, McGraw-Hill

Social Studies (Required, full year)


Sixth grade Social Studies covers the history of the world from ancient times through WWII. Students study how people have changed their world, governed themselves, and interacted with others. In order to live and be effective leaders in the future, students must be aware of what has happened in the past. Textbook: Harcourt Horizons The World, Johnson

Christian Studies 6, Overview of the Bible (Required, full year)


The sixth grade Christian Studies curriculum begins with a focus on validating the word of God as absolute Truth and prayer as a significant discipline in building a relationship with God and interceding for the world.  The core of the curriculum is to give students an overarching understanding of the redemptive plan of God towards man found in the whole of scripture, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.  Progress of Redemption Art Portfolio, Prayer Journals and Scripture memory verses are all utilized as part of the instructional process.  Textbook: Bible (NLT), Route 66 Student Workbook

Art 6 (Elective, full year)


Students learn the elements and principles of design and apply basic techniques to create finished works. Emphasis is placed on self-expression and visual communication. A variety of mediums is explored.

Band 6 (Elective, full year)


Sixth grade band at DCA is “beginning band.” Although there is an exploratory band in fifth grade, sixth grade students choose their own instrument. There is no prerequisite; the band starts from the very beginning. This is a graded course, with grades given in the areas of participation & performance. The sixth grade band performs in the Christmas & spring concerts.

Choir 6 (Elective, full year)


This course is open for students who are interested in performing in a concert setting. The emphasis is on excelling in vocal technique and choral standards.  Students are graded on participation and musical skills.  This group also participates in choral festivals, taking trips to various destinations such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Orlando.

P.E./Athletics (Required, full year)


The Middle School Physical Education program is made up of two parts, PE and Athletics, and is designed to ensure that each student actively participates. Physical Education units include basketball, field hockey, tennis, soccer, and weight training. Athletic teams use this time for practice. Sixth grade sports offered are baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, soccer, softball, tennis, track, and volleyball.

Spanish 6 (Required, one grading period)


DCA students are exposed to Spanish throughout their elementary years. In Spanish 6, they continue their exposure to Spanish through the introduction of cognates which help students compare what they already know in English to similar words in Spanish, allowing them to make a connection between the two languages. Students will write what they have learned to say in Spanish and begin to use the vocabulary in conversations. The language starts to come alive for the students through meaningful communication. Students learn about Hispanic culture in the U.S.A. and around the world through different mediums such as food, music, art, videos, etc.