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Extended Care

23-24 Extended CareThe Extended Care Program is available for the convenience of students enrolled at the school and their parents. The program is licensed by the State of Tennessee and limits class size to state requirements. Students must be pre-registered before entering the program. Care for a limited number of days in an emergency can be arranged through the extended care director or through the elementary office if space is available. Payment for services and registration is made through the Extended Care office.

Hours for the program are from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. The program is open for pre-registered students during teacher in-services except for August in-services is not available. DCA reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct jeopardizes the integrity of the school or the welfare of others.

*Before School Care opens at 6:30 am

*After School Care closes at 5:30 pm ($5 per minute late fee for pick up after 5:30 pm)


Registration Fee - $75 per family per school year 

*If your child attended Summer Camp this year that registration will be applied and you will not need to pay another one. If your child is ONLY attending before school care you will not need to pay a registration fee. Please mark “before school only” at the top of your extended care application.


Weekly fees (Kindergarten – 5th grade)

Before School Care only - $25 per week

After School Care only - $75 per week

Before and After School Care - $85 per week

Sibling Care- Free

*The above prices are flat weekly rates regardless of the number of days a child attends. If your child does not attend at all in a week you will not be charged. After school care on abbreviated school weeks will be charged at $16 per day we are open. For example, if school is closed on a Monday for a holiday and Extended Care is only open 4 days the charge for that week will be $16x4 or $64 for after school care even if the child only attends 1 day that week. Again if your child does not attend at all in a week, you are not charged. Before care prices remain the same even for abbreviated weeks.


After School Schedule:

At dismissal Extended Care teachers will pick up children from their classrooms and give them a snack. (Examples of snacks provided are popcorn, dry cereal, Vanilla Wafers, Goldfish, Pop Tarts, graham crackers. Sending in personal snacks for picky eaters or children with allergies/restricted diets is recommended.) 

1st – 5th grade students will be given approx. 1 hour to work on homework or study. Teachers will be available for questions and guidance if needed. It is a good idea for students to bring a book to read in case they finish homework during this time. 

Classes will rotate between outside time, gym time, play centers, and free time.


Rules for Children in the Extended Care Program (All school rules also apply)

> No fighting or hurting others will be tolerated. 

> No bad language of any kind.

> Respect others.

> Respect others property.

> Respect the teacher! Follow teacher directions.

>Do not leave the room without the teacher’s permission.

> Walk: do not run inside the building. 

> Use inside voices inside the building.



Movies, Electronics, and Toy policies

Children will from time to time be permitted to watch movies that are age and school appropriate.

Electronics will be allowed in after school care on Fridays only. They will also be allowed on days when school is closed. Headphones are required for sound. Students will not be allowed to view anything on the internet, YouTube, or Tik Tok, and no inappropriate games will be allowed. This is up to the teacher’s discretion. 

Children may bring personal toys from home at their own risk. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or damaged toys, electronics, or accessories. Please make sure your child has all his/her belongings at pick up each day. Please make sure your child’s name is on everything.

Please contact with questions and if you are interested in Middle School extended care.