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Class and Activity Descriptions


Zoo Phonics

This educational method teaches pre-reading skills with “word family” patterns. As a multi-sensory approach, learning is made concrete with games, music, and activities that engage the child’s memory using site, sound and physical participation. Fun animal alphabet stars and body signals allow children to make good use of natural “wiggles” and act as memory cues for making letter sounds. Students develop skills in decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling and writing).


Children use scientific processes such as observing, classifying, experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions. Hands-on materials and multi-sensory experiences are included to build skills associated with scientific thinking. Children are encouraged to explore their world and answer questions about how nature works and what causes change.


The Bible comes to life for children through songs, videos, and skits. Students are exposed to both Old and New Testament Bible Stories. Simple memory verses focus on establishing God’s word in the heart of each child. Our main focus at DCA is to educate children about our Lord, putting the love of the Father center stage and magnifying the passion of the son Jesus Christ.


Pre-schoolers are encouraged to express themselves using traditional and non-traditional art media. They learn about color and texture while practicing fine motor skills through painting, coloring, cutting, pasting, mixing, and sculpting. Children discover that art is fun and that they can make art out of anything! The program is designed to add excitement to everyday learning and to foster the beginning of a lifetime love and appreciation for art.


Reading is infused with excitement to promote a love of books and the written word. DCA’s Librarian provides Library time each week for the pre-school children to listen to stories, look at books, and pick out books to borrow and share with their friends in the classroom. Experiences in reading stories with puppets and flannel graphs enrich each child’s adventure in learning.


Expression through song and rhythm helps children build motor skills and have lots of fun! Rhythm instruments and rhythm sticks are used, along with movement and dance, to unleash the musical potential of our pre-schoolers.  Children are introduced to tempo and dynamics while singing and playing joyfully. Praise and worship songs are also incorporated to keep the focus on Jesus.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program uses group experiences to build lasting recreational interest. Each child is seen as an individual creation of God with special strengths and abilities. This class offers an arena in which to use and expand these abilities through a variety of exercises, physical games, and obstacle challenges. The goal is to build on the physical abilities of the children and give them confidence to try new activities.


Students are introduced to Spanish vocabulary and phrases and customs of the Hispanic culture. Children develop a better understanding of cultural diversity while learning language skills. Songs, videos and games are incorporated to build a base for further learning of the language.