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Mathematics Department

4.0 Math Credits are Required for Graduation

(must include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus)

ALGEBRA I, 9th Grade


Algebra I begins the formal study of functions and includes many types such as: linear, absolute value, quadratic, rational, and square root.  Functions are used to model real-world phenomena.  In order to foster a conceptual understanding of functions, this course approaches the study of Algebra utilizing the “Rule of Four,” meaning that topics will be approached numerically, algebraically or symbolically, graphically, and verbally.  Other topics of study include solving equations and inequalities: linear, quadratic, radical and rational.  Systems of equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, and polynomials are also included in the Algebra I course. Prerequisite: PreAlgebra



A comprehensive coverage of formal geometric concepts are emphasized.  Topics studied in this course include points, lines, and planes, similarity and congruence of polygons, right triangle relationships including trigonometry, area and volume, constructions and transformations.  Students begin to see the connection between these formal geometric ideas and the geometry of the real world.  The development of the discovery of ideas, the formulation and investigation of conjectures, and problem-solving that requires multi-step thinking and logical reasoning will be emphasized much more than rigorous proof and will be accomplished through using hands-on manipulatives, the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, and GeoGebra. Prerequisite: Algebra I

HONORS GEOMETRY, 9th or 10th Grade


The philosophy of Honors Geometry is much the same as that for College Preparatory Geometry. Emphasis is also placed on understanding topics that extend far beyond the requirement of the college preparatory class.  This course focuses on both the content and form of geometry, with emphasis on the techniques of formal proof and the application of geometric concepts to solve complicated problems. Prerequisites: Algebra I; Enrollment is subject to departmental review based on application with a minimum average of 84 in preceding math class.



The emphasis in the College Preparatory Algebra II curriculum is on the study of functions: linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and logarithmic. These functions are studied symbolically, graphically, and numerically. Through use of mathematical modeling, data analysis, matrices, and algorithmic thinking, students will see algebra as a problem-solving tool. Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry

HONORS ALGEBRA II, 10th or 11th Grade


Students in this course must have solid mathematical fundamentals, a genuine enjoyment of mathematics, and willingness to pursue it enthusiastically.  Limited time is spent reviewing Algebra I concepts, so a strong proficiency of these fundamentals, including linear and quadratic functions, is required.  This course enhances traditional algebra with in-depth investigations of functions and algebraic applications. Any student completing this course successfully should be prepared to begin an in-depth study of calculus beginning with a semester of trigonometry in the PreCalculus course. The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator as well as the iPad with suitable apps are utilized extensively in this course. Emphasis is placed on the construction of logical and valid proofs throughout the course. This course covers all the algebraic concepts that are normally covered in a PreCalculus course.        Prerequisites: Honors Algebra I and Honors Geometry; Enrollment is subject to departmental review based on application with a minimum average of 84 in preceding math class.



Students continue their understanding of functions and mathematical relationships through data analysis, explorations, and mathematical modeling.  Basic algebra concepts along with higher order concepts will be explored.  Topics covered include relations, functions, analytic geometry and trigonometric functions. Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

HONORS PRECALCULUS, 11th or 12th Grade


Students enrolling in Honors PreCalculus should have a strong background in algebraic skills, a working knowledge of linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions, and a willingness to work diligently. Throughout the course, a TI-84 graphing calculator is used along with the tablet and computer software to offer alternative solution methods and to enhance the visualization of mathematical concepts. The first half of the course deals with trigonometry and the second half is devoted to the study of limits and derivatives in the calculus book. PreCalculus is a rigorous course that fully prepares the student for college level calculus. Prerequisites: Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and Honors Algebra II; Enrollment is subject to departmental review based on application with a minimum average of 84 in preceding math class.



Calculus AB is primarily concerned with developing the students’ understanding of the concepts of calculus and providing experiences with its methods and applications. These courses emphasize a multi-representational approach to calculus, with concepts, results, and problems expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. All students taking this course are required to take the AP exam, which costs approximately $95. Prerequisites: Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, and Honors PreCalculus; Enrollment is subject to departmental review based on application with a minimum average of 93 in Honors PreCalculus.