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Fourth Grade

Class and Activity Descriptions



Students are taught to read from a variety of texts, including the Scott Foresman basal reader and a variety of novels. The Accelerated Reading class continuously challenges students at a higher level and utilizes the fifth grade basal reader to promote higher order comprehension skills. Both of these texts used together help students improve comprehension and develop the vocabulary and decoding skills needed to understand a wide variety of reading material. Novels are chosen from an assortment of literary genres to help develop a diverse reader. Students also develop their own independent reading using our Accelerated Reader program. This program challenges each student individually to read at and above their level so each individual can become better readers at their own pace. 

  • Text: Scott Foresman Reading Street
  • Incorporate a variety of novels from a variety of literary genres
  • Accelerated Reader program: Students develop their own personal reading level at their own pace, at and above their individual reading level.


The language programs are embedded in the Reading Curriculum. Grammar structure and concepts are presented in an “easy” and fun way for students to learn parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing formats. This goal is accomplished through a variety of activities. For example, interactive activities with teaching songs and peer editing are used to develop good writers. The program also includes instruction in writing a variety of selections, such as a friendly letter, a personal narrative, steps in a process, to persuade, to express an opinion and, at the end of the year, how to write a research paper. 

  • Text: Scott Foreman Reading Street
  • Teaches parts of speech, types of sentences, and writing formats
  • Editing a variety of writing programs
  • Learn a variety of writing selections: friendly letter, personal narrative, steps in a process, to persuade, to express an opinion, research paper


The Math program consists of a curriculum called ENVISION Math.  Math concepts are presented in a visual and concrete way so students can build mastery in skills.  The format of this program works well with our interactive Promethean board and ActiveExpression systems.  Parents also have the capability to access lessons online and utilize the hands on features of this program.  Fourth grade has an accelerated math group that works through fourth and fifth grade skills working on higher level thinking skills in math and pre-algebraic concepts.  Accelerated Math is an enrichment program that is also used to challenge students at their level of understanding in math.Text:  Scott Foresman ENVISION

  • Teaches Math concepts in a visual and concrete format
  • Accelerated program offered to students
  • The Accelerated Math program is used in the classroom to provide personalized practice assignments based on student performance.  This program includes concept practice through Pre-Calculus.


The Science curriculum consists of a combination of hands-on activities through the STC programs of Carolina Biological, and McGraw Hill textbook.  Students study three branches of Science: Earth, Physical, and Life Science. Larger units of study include Land and Water, Electricity and Matter, Animals and Living Things. Through hands-on experimentation and recording data, students learn to classify, infer, question, form hypotheses, experiment, and explore the world around them.  Field trips to the 4-H Center, Adventure Science Center, and visits from Metro Water and the Nashville Zoo are just some of the outside activities that enhance the science program.

  • Text:  McGraw Hill
  • STC Units:  Land and Water, Electricity, Microworlds, and Animals
  • Students conduct lab experiments and keep lab notebooks
  • Field Trips to enhance studies: 4-H Center, Adventure Science Center, Metro Water, Nashville Zoo

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum primarily consists of Building a Nation from Scott Foresman.  The text details the foundation of the United States of America and the shared beliefs that built this nation.   It highlights the diverse groups of people that came to establish this country and focuses on the development of its government.  It follows the history of the United States through the Civil War.  The Nystrom Junior Geographer Atlas is used to reinforce geography and map skills.   The history of Tennessee is studied from the text Tennessee: From Sea to Shining Sea.  Students are to exposed to history at both the state and national levels in order to provide a solid historical foundation. 

  • Text: Scott Foresman Building A Nation
  • Text: Nystrom Junior Geographer
  • Text:  Tennessse: From Sea to Shining Sea
  • History of the United States through the Civil War
  • Geography terms and map skills
  • Tennessee History
  • Branches of government


In fourth grade Bible, students use the “Building Your Life Castles” curriculum by Positive Action for Christ. In using this curriculum, students study the life of Christ, the life of the Apostle Paul, the Holy Spirit, and how to live a Spirit-controlled life. Students also memorize passages of scripture from I Corinthians 13, Ephesians 6, John 1, Philippians 4, Psalm 1 and Psalm 23. When memorizing scripture, students are taught how to interpret scripture and apply it to their daily lives.


Formal keyboarding classes continue in 4th grade.  Students review basic keyboarding skills and continue working through a self-paced program to increase speed and accuracy.  The goal is for each student to achieve 15 WPM with 95% accuracy by the endo for 4th grade.  During technology classes the students refine research skills and the use of a presentation program.  They learn how to use a movie maker program, how to create a brochure using a template, how to create online graphs, and begin to learn about a word processing program.  Fourth grade students write a formal research paper which includes a bibliography. 

Related Arts

Students in fourth grade participate in a variety of related arts programs such as Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology/Keyboarding.  These programs help develop a more well-rounded student.  Fourth grade teachers work with the related arts teachers to integrate their studies through this program which enriches and enhances overall learning for the students.  Students participate in a Celebration of the Arts program in the spring to showcase their talents.

Field Trips and Special Activities 

Fourth grade field trips include a Tennessee unit where students participate in a Walking tour of Nashville, Heritage Day, and are Junior Docents at the Hermitage. Other trips include plays at the Children’s Theatre and a visit to the 4-H Center and Adventure Science Center in Dickson to enhance the Science curriculum. Mission activities include making kits for the homeless for Room at the Inn.