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First Grade

Class and Activity Descriptions



The Bible curriculum is published by Positive Action for Christ. Students have a story each week about a character in the Bible.  A memory verse and character traits are also taught as part of each week’s lesson.  Devotion and prayer time are included daily in the classrooms and students and teachers attend an age-appropriate chapel once a week. First graders also participate in several service projects throughout the year.


The Envision Math program by Scott Foresman is used in first grade.  This program challenges the children in the areas of reasoning and problem-solving.  There are many opportunities through technology to engage students in learning at home and school.  Many hands-on materials are also used in math instruction.  

The Accelerated Math Program is used in the classroom and at home to provide personalized practice assignments based on student performance. 


The Scott Foresman reading series is used as a basal text.  There are three pre-primers and two readers to be completed.  The program includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary practice, comprehension, and study skills.  Differentiated instruction of skills and leveled readers are used in small groups to meet individual needs.   Assessment is given each week to evaluate the skills taught with the reading selection.  Fluency rates are evaluated as part of assessment. 

In addition to the reading series, students use the Accelerated Reader Program.  Children take the STAR reading test and their reading level is determined to aid in their selection of books for the program.  After reading books, children take a computer test to check comprehension. This program is used as part of the student’s independent reading requirements.Spelling and Grammar are taught with the reading program.  Short and long vowel word families are taught as part of the spelling program. High frequency words are also included.  Spelling instruction is differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students. Grammar instruction includes parts of speech, types of sentences, and different types of writing.


First grade uses the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill text for science.  Teacher-created units, centers, and leveled readers are incorporated to supplement the text material.  Units include Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.  Grading is based on understanding of concepts and participation in class work and projects.  

Social Studies

The Scott Foresman text is used in first grade.  Geography, history, and economics units are included.  Teacher-created units are used to supplement the text.  Students are taught in both whole group and small group settings.  Centers and leveled readers are also provided to reinforce skills.  Grading is based on understanding of concepts and participation in class work and projects.  


First grade classes use Promethean Active Boards in all areas of the curriculum.  Children are able to interact with websites and flipcharts to enhance learning.  The board allows many resources to be added to the curriculum.

iPads are used in first grade to practice and reinforce skills.  Students’ progress is monitored by the teachers.


Zaner-Bloser handwriting is used in first grade.  Each letter is introduced for correct formation.  Proper formation and spacing are practiced daily.

Related Arts

First graders have related arts classes every week.  They attend Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish classes.  

The media center is used to enhance the first grade program. Students have scheduled time each week with DCA’s Media Specialist who creates programs for the computer lab to supplement various topics of study.  Books may be checked out at other times during the week as well.    

Special Events and Activities

  • Field trips are taken to compliment the first grade curriculum. 
  • Parents are invited to join their student for a feast to celebrate the first Thanksgiving which is studied in social studies.
  • Students participate in service projects each year.