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Fifth Grade

Class and Activity Descriptions



Possessing the Land, by Positive Action for Christ, Inc. is the textbook used. This is a detailed study of the Old Testament focusing on man’s sin and God’s redemption. Each weekly lesson includes Bible memory work and a test. Daily lessons and prayer time work in conjunction with an age-appropriate weekly chapel meeting.


EnVisionMATH, by Scott Foresman, is the textbook used.  Pacing of lessons is student driven, based on their mastery of the skills and concepts. Independent Practice assignments are given both in-class and as homework.  Supplemental practice is assigned as necessary for drill and practice.  Tests are given at the end of each unit.  Quizzes are also given periodically and may or may not be announced.  Accelerated Math is also incorporated in weekly activities to accommodate for individual pacing.  This program includes concept practice through PreCalculus.


Scott Foresman's Reading Street is the textbook used in conjunction with a wide variety of novels to teach reading skills and concepts.  The fifth grade reading program stresses vocabulary, as well as a variety of comprehension skills. A student consumable text, Wordly Wise is used to enrich their study of vocabulary and dictionary skills. Comprehension skills include main idea, compare and contrast, story elements, sequence of events, cause and effect, point of view, fact and opinion, drawing conclusions, inferences, problem and solution, figurative language, and identification of genres. These skills are taught through the reading of a variety of textbook stories, novels, and genres.  Two novels are read each nine-week grading period.  There are three assessments at the end of each novel.  

Students are encouraged to read and test on as many AR books as possible.  They are required to read and test on four AR books based on their individual reading level each nine-week period.  These are weighted as test grades.  The Accelerated Reading Program is continued this year enabling students to rewards.


MacMillan/McGraw-Hill's Science: A Closer Look is the textbook used and Carolina Biological Hands-On Science is the program used.  Units of study include, but are not limited to, the following areas: Ecosystems, Food Chemistry, Motion and Design, and Weather. Students read, write, and complete a variety of hands-on laboratories to gain an understanding of the concepts presented. 

Lab journals kept by the student become part of the student’s grade for each hands-on unit of study.  Tests and quizzes are given to assess understanding of concepts taught. 

Social Studies

Growth of a Nation, by Scott Foresman, is the textbook used. The content includes: A Divided Nation, War (Civil War) and Reconstruction, Crossing the Continent, Industry and Immigration, Changing Ways of Life, Becoming a World Power, Times of Plenty, Time of Hardship (Great Depression), World War 2, The Postwar World, A Changing Nation, United States Today, and Global Challenges. Emphasis is given in each unit of study to seven categories: history, geography, economics, government, culture, the effect of science and technology on society, and social study skills such as reading and interpreting maps, globes, illustrations, and data graphics.

Projects are assigned throughout the year to enhance learning and involve research and multi-media presentations. Field trips and particular activities are implemented throughout the school year to enrich the learning experience.


The bi-weekly spelling list correlates with the bi-weekly Wordly Wise lesson. The lesson (words) and spelling list are one and the same.

Related Arts

Fifth grade students have Art, Band/Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology classes.


Fifth grade classes attend technology classes on a 12-week rotation.  During this time they develop mastery of word processing, presentations, publishing, movie, and spreadsheet programs.  They also refine research.  They continue to write research papers which includes a bibliography.

Points of interest unique to Fifth grade

  • Land Between the Lakes (3 day trip)
  • GEMS (Fifth grade girls Bible Study after school)
  • ROCKS (Fifth grade boys Bible Study after school)
  • Participation in Middle School sports
  • Participation in Band – Each homeroom will have one concert
  • Use of laptops and Active Expressions in weekly lessons
  • Praise Team (5th Graders lead chapel experiences weekly for 2nd-5th grade)
  • 5th Grade Graduation

Special Events and Activities

  • Nissan Plant
  • Schermerhorn Symphony or Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Belle Meade Plantation
  • Bicentennial Mall
  • Land Between the Lakes