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College Counseling

Nicole Schierling
Director of College Counseling 

Donelson Christian Academy is committed to developing the whole person in preparation for success beyond high school. Your children will be wonderfully loved, excellently educated, and well-prepared for life after DCA. Students of all ages are encouraged to engage in the community, pursue their passions and talents, and develop skills to serve and to lead. Our rigorous college-preparatory curriculum leads naturally to the college admissions process. The goal of the College Counseling program is to assist each student through all aspects of the process, from academic foundation to final selection of the college or university the student will attend. Grade level meetings begin in eighth grade, ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of what lies ahead and what they must do to prepare. Individual meetings begin junior year and focus on the student’s specific goals and needs. Students are encouraged to prayerfully consider their options, seek and trust God’s guidance, and follow where He leads.