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AP & Dual Enrollment Courses

The academic program at DCA is ideally suited to challenge individual students in every area of their academic experience.  The Academy offers college-preparatory classes in every subject for every student.  All students are well-prepared to gain admission into post-secondary institutions and then continue in a very successful manner once enrolled.  Students have the opportunity to pursue more challenging options and can earn multiple hours of college credit while at the Academy. 

Beginning in the lower elementary grades, ability levels are addressed both within the classroom and by grade level. Accelerated programs are available beginning in Kindergarten. Honors courses are offered in a variety of disciplines beginning in the middle school. 

At the high school level, students have the opportunity to earn multiple hours of college credit by taking Dual Enrollment and/or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Successful completion of Dual Enrollment courses results in credits issued both from DCA and the sponsoring university.  Students receive the credit on their DCA transcript, but also receive credit on the transcript provided by the sponsoring  college.  

Students can earn college credit hours in Dual Enrollment and AP courses that may be transferred to their post-secondary school upon enrollment depending on the college or university.