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Challenging Community

Our mission is to serve Christ by assisting parents in providing students with a challenging, college preparatory education taught from a nondenominational biblical worldview that develops the whole person into a Chrislike leader in the home, church, and community.

In every school setting, it is the task of the school to challenge students.  In a Christian school challenge takes on the added element of encouraging students to grow in their faith in addition to other aspects that make up the whole person.  The phrase Challenge in Community describes another aspect of the DCA educational experience that is at the core of our mission.

At DCA, we believe challenge is best issued through relationships.  Students will go to great lengths to reach a bar placed there by a mentor they truly believe cares about them and has their best interest in mind. 

The opportunities to help students discover God-given talents and gifts in a relatively small setting (14:1 student-teacher elementary ratio) are numerous.  This smaller setting provides venues and programs for student involvement.  A large percentage of students are involved in clubs, athletics, the arts, or student leadership.  It is the context of relationships with faculty members that helps encourage numerous students to engage in different experiences.

These relationships are built in the context of a variety of shared experiences and are incredibly important in issuing real challenge to students.  Teachers can encourage, pray, and interact with students in ways that help students begin to understand their unique value in the eyes of a loving God.

At the Academy, students interact with teachers who love students and passionately care about their subject.  Teachers model a life that is grounded in Scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit as they teach and inspire students to meet the challenges placed before them.  Through this process, the entire community demonstrates excellence in a manner that brings glory to God, and also affirms the individual gifts He has given to each student.