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Founded in 1971 and located in Nashville, Tennessee, Donelson Christian Academy is a Christian private school that serves students from preschool through twelfth grade. DCA’s mission is to serve Christ by assisting parents in providing students with a challenging, college-preparatory education taught from a nondenominational biblical worldview that develops the whole person into a Christ-like leader in the home, church, and community. The Academy focuses on Teaching in Truth and Challenging in Community to prepare students to Lead for the Kingdom. 

Donelson Christian Academy has high expectations for each student in all aspects of his or her educational experience.  DCA offers a rigorous academic program and a wide variety of extracurricular programs. In addition to weekly chapels and Bible classes at each grade level, mentoring relationships are a key component of a student’s spiritual formation. Furthermore, we are committed to helping our students develop into young men and women of exemplary character.  At DCA, we believe we are partnering with parents in providing an opportunity for students to grow in every area to their fullest potential.

Donelson Christian Academy’s integration of faith and learning in a college-preparatory setting provides an ideal environment to ground students in Truth, challenge students in the midst of a caring community, and equip students to serve.  The Academy strives to provide a framework for students to learn and live in a manner that demands the best from each individual involved. DCA is committed to preparing students to be effective users of information and ideas, because a well-rounded education requires preparing students for any type of career they might choose. 

DCA offers a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, including numerous Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, taught in the context of a Biblical worldview.  Students are challenged to excel in the classroom, but are also taught to seriously consider the integration of the Christian faith within the various academic disciplines.  At DCA, the challenge to maximize God-given talents is centered around their classroom experience.  DCA students overwhelmingly respond in a positive manner to these challenges.  Excellent results are achieved in standardized testing, academic scores, fine arts performances, and athletic competitions.

The community at DCA provides the necessary support for students as they strive to meet the challenging requirements given throughout the course of each day.  An outstanding, dedicated faculty that truly cares for each student is at the heart of the DCA experience.  These relationships form the basis to carry out the Academy’s mission.  Families are also encouraged to be an active part of the school community. Students, parents, and teachers often refer to one another as the “DCA family.”  DCA students are expected to support one another and participate in a number of events that benefit and support the local community.  An education at DCA goes well beyond the classroom and takes seriously the biblical mandate to “love others as ourselves.”   

At DCA, we are excited about the spiritual formation evident in hearts and lives as each person is consistently challenged in faith and character.  We are also incredibly proud of our students’ accomplishments in the classroom as they excel in academic growth. The Academy truly provides an excellent academic experience grounded in Truth. 

The preschool, which includes pre-kindergarten, currently serves children starting at 18 months old. There are 21 full‑time teachers and a full-time director. DCA’s preschool is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education. 

The elementary school includes kindergarten through fifth grade.  The faculty consists of 29 educators, with 45% having advanced degrees.



The middle school includes sixth through eighth grade and the high school includes ninth through twelfth grade. The faculty consists of 38 educators, with 61% having advanced degrees.