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Friday, July, 12
July 12, 2019 | 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Your student can earn Certifications at DCA! DCA is proud to announce five (5) Certifications for rising 8th-12th graders. Certification in Leadership July 8-12 Certification in Business and Entrepreneurship June 17-21 Certification in Speech and Presentations July 15-19 Certification in Spiritual Formation June 10-14 Certification in Service, Ministries and Non-Profits July 22-26 Each Certification is a 30-hour training course designed specifically for students who are preparing for jobs, internships, and college applications. Imagine if you had training in becoming an entrepreneur or in presenting to an audience or had the opportunity to learn leadership skills in a formal way at this age? How would your confidence change? What additional opportunities would you have enjoyed? How much more effective of an employee or church member or advocate could you be if you just had the chance to learn and practice some skills? The answers to all of these questions are the driving force behind the five Certifications. Click here to learn more about each 30-hour training course including the dates and times offered.