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School Supplies

2019-2020 6th-8th Grade School Supply Lists

Click HERE to download the 6th Grade Supply List

Click HERE to download the 7th Grade Supply List

Click HERE to download the 8th Grade Supply List

Pre-K - 5th Grade School Supply Ordering

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Dear Parents,                                              

Each year in Elementary, we review our supply lists for each grade level.  This year we reviewed our lists with two basic goals in mind; (1) To provide high quality, consistent supplies for our students/teachers, and (2) To save our parents time and money. We believe we accomplished both of those goals. We are proud to announce that we are going “online” with School Tool Box for our school supplies. This company will save our parents an average of 34.7% for school supplies per grade level.  In addition, the supplies will be shipped right to the student’s house this summer!  In order to provide consistency in high quality, name brand products, each grade level submitted a supply list. Ordering your child’s supplies will ensure that he/she will begin the year with the correct items in quality and quantity as the other students in the same class/grade. Therefore, we are looking for 100% participation with this program.

You may go online to, and see each grade level’s supply list with the items and cost. There is a statement about “customizing the list.” Please disregard that statement for removing items.  You may add items from their storefront such as backpack, etc, but do not remove any of the items included on the supply list.  The payment options are also listed for you, including free shipping. There are two items that are not available for purchase, the rest mats for Pre-K and K and The Adventure Bible. The rest mats, (2 in. for Pre-K and 1 in. for K) can be purchased at Walmart or other stores.  The Adventure Bible may be purchased at Lifeway in Providence, Amazon, or other stores.

Later this spring, there will be grade level wish lists posted on the website for those who would like to purchase additional items. In addition to the lower costs, the exact supplies, the free home shipping and the wish lists, School Tool Box donates two meals to Feed My Starving Children for every order placed!

Friends, it doesn’t get any easier than this!  Please go online after May 1st to order your student’s supplies.  We will also send an announcement later this summer regarding a couple of supply “drop off” evenings that you may bring the supply box with your child’s name on it and drop it off at school prior to the orientation night. We will make sure the box of supplies makes it to the classroom.  You won’t even have to label the individual supplies with this system.

If you encounter any difficulties, please call or email our office, and we will gladly help you.  We are looking forward to a great school year!


Kirk LaVeck,
Elementary Principal
Donelson Christian Academy