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Consignor 411

What is the consignor split? 

DCA makes 30% and the consignor makes 70%. There is a $10.00 processing fee taken out of the consignor's total sales after the split.

Is there a minimum amount that must be consigned to enter the sale? 

You must have at least 10 items worth a total of $50.00 or more entered into inventory and tagged.

Why do I have to print my tags online? 

Tags that are electronically barcoded help to eliminate the possibility of human error. The tags are printed with a barcode on the bottom of each one. That barcode will contain important information – your seller number, your item description and your chosen price will all be in the code. The barcode will then be scanned during check out and entered directly into our computers. There are several advantages to this that are outlined below.

How do I enter my items? 
  • You must enter a detailed description of your item on the tag. If the tag becomes separated from the item, we may be able to match it  with the item if a detailed description is provided.
  • Please DO NOT make any handwritten changes to your tags once you have printed them. Price and discount information is embedded in the barcode, so changing the price in writing won’t convey to our system. If you change your mind about a price or whether to sell the item at 50% off, please edit your tag in the online tagging system and reprint your tag.
  • Other consignment sales use barcoded tags, but you must make a NEW tag using your DCA consignment number in order to ensure that you receive credit for your item at our sale. Items tagged with another sale’s barcode will not be recognized by our system and will not be sold!
  • We cannot sell items without tags, so please attach your tags securely. One 1 inch safety pin or plastic cable ties work best for clothing items. 
  • When printing, if you do not want to buy an entire ream of cardstock, it is very easy to save your tags to a CD or flash drive and have them printed at office supply store (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.)
Do I have to print my tags on special paper? 

Yes, you will need to use a standard cardstock paper (white, 50lb. – 90lb). This paper is slightly heavier than regular printing paper ensuring it will not rip or tear off of your items. With our new software, you will be able to enter each item you wish to sell online with us. After you enter each item, you will print your tags. You can print six tags per page with this software. With a 150 item limit, that is a total of only 25 pages. Ink/Toner should not be an added expense as black and white is all that is required – no color. Use your black cartridge only and make sure it does not print too light or too dark. This process is no different than printing airline boarding passes. If you prefer, you can save your tags to a file and send them to any office supply store (office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.) and they will print them for you.

What if my tags do not scan properly when I bring my clothes to drop-off? 

No problem. If your tags are not scanning properly due to ink or other issues, we can print them right there on site. Because you entered all of your items into our system, we can easily pull your account up on our computer and print your tags right there at no extra cost to you. Here are some helpful hints to help you with the printing process to make sure that yours tags will scan properly. Barcodes should be printed on a laser printer in order to produce the quality needed for our scanners to work. Ink jet printers will not work as well and the scanner may not be able to read the bar codes. If you do not have access to a laser printer, send your tags to an office supply store (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.) and have them print them for you using a laser printer. Do not "bold" your bar codes when you print them. Too much ink will cause bleeding and smudging. It really is no different from printing out airline boarding passes.

What is the black dot that is printing on my tags? 

This black dot will only appear on your item tag if you marked that item as “DONATE.” This helps us sort much faster at the end of the sale.

What is the letter code that keeps showing on all of my cards? 

This letter code is strictly for our staff. We assign a letter to each consignor that will assist us in the sorting at the end of each sale. We love that our consignors can find their clothes quickly and easily on pick-up day. This system will allow us to do that much faster and without as many errors. If you have consigned with us in the past, this will take the place of the color coding.

Can I still participate in the sale even if I do not wish to register and print my own tags? 

Yes and No. We require everyone who wishes to consign with us to register on our website. This protects us and it protects you as well. You will be able to electronically view all of our policies, procedures and hours. If you wish to consign, but do not want to print your own tags or do not have the capability to do so, you may still consign. Just bring us your items and we will manually make tags for you on site. You will still be responsible for pinning the tags on yourself. There will be a small fee for printing your tags. We will burn through much more paper and toner if we have even two people that take advantage of this than if you did it at home yourself. Unfortunately, we will need to make that money back.

Will you accept all of my items? 

We will be screening items very closely as to maintain the quality of the sale and our reputation. Please don't be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. It is often easy to miss a spot or a tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the highest quality merchandise. Many of our consignors are also our biggest shoppers and we want you to be confident in the items you are buying.

NOTE: Please do not use S, M, L on your tags. Replace missing buttons; sew loose hems and seams; clip loose threads; make sure zippers and snaps work properly. We do not accept clothing with stains, holes or tears so check your items outside in the sunlight as you can often see better than under interior lighting. Single pants should be safety pinned to the top of the hanger at each side. For two-pieced garments, the waistband of the pants/skirt needs to be safety pinned to the back shoulders of the shirt (catch the hanger with the pin). All clothing items must be hung on wire hangers -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!

How should I price my items? 
  • Pricing can be tricky - here are some thoughts to keep in mind:
  • Put your best foot forward. Make sure all items are clean and pressed and smell fresh. Nothing dingy, stained or torn.
  • PRICE TO SELL! There's nothing more rewarding than cleaning out your closets AND making money at the same time!
  • A good rule-of-thumb is to price your items at 25% - 30% of retail. This wil be according to the condition they are in.
How should I prepare my items? 

We require all clothing be hung on ADULT-SIZED wire hangers with the hook pointing to the left. No clothing will be accepted if not hung on ADULT-SIZED wire hangers. Pants should be hung on hangers using large safety pins towards the middle of the waist, to prevent slipping. Outfits should be arranged with the top in front and pants hung on back. Attach matching bows, socks, etc, with safety pins or cable ties.

Attach one consignor tag to each item or outfit, placing the tag to the upper right. You can use LARGE safety pins, but we prefer cable ties, which keep tags attached much more securely.

What if I lose my consignor check? Can I get it re-issued? 

Yes, if you lose your consignor check, we will issue a replacement check, but we must deduct $30 to cover bank fees we are charged for cancelling your original check.

Will I receive my tags back after the sale? 

No. With our high degree of automation we no longer see the value in retaining tags. Sorting sold tags at the end of each sale is an extremely labor-intensive process and very few consignors have actually been interested in getting their sold tags back. Along with your check, you will receive an itemized Seller Report showing which items sold and if they were sold for half-price.

Why do you recommend adult-sized wire hangers? 

Your items will sell best when they're displayed on a hanger, not in a wad on the floor! Children's clothing is much less likely to slip off an adult-sized hanger. Wire hangers take up less rack space, and move more freely on the rack, allowing shoppers to look through MORE items EASILY. Don't just throw away your child-size hangers! Bundle them in groups of 10 or 20 and consign them separately!

How do I keep these pants from sliding off the hanger? 

Pants sell best when hanging neatly and flat, not bunched up at the bottom of a hanger. When you safety-pin your pants to the hanger, pin them to the shoulders of the hanger. Don't pin at the edge of the waist-band. Pin towards the middle of the waist-band. Now there's no room for them to slip!