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Tuition and Fees

2017-2018 Preschool Tuition & Fees

There is a preschool nonrefundable registration fee of $65 per family. Tuition for 2-year olds (non-potty trained) is $180/week for 3 days a week, $190/week for 4 days a week, and $200/week for 5 days a week. Tuition for 3-year olds (potty trained) is $160/week for 3 days a week, $170/week for 4 days a week, and $180/week for 5 days a week. Tuition for 4-year olds is $180/week for 5 days a week.

2017-2018 Pre-Kindergarten Tuition & Fees

The pre-kindergarten tuition amount is $180 per week or $6,480 as an annual payment for weeks when school is in session. A non-refundable registration fee of $60 is due within two weeks of acceptance notification for each new student. For students currently in DCA’s preschool program, this fee is required as part of completing re-enrollment registration. Registration will not be complete until all items are received.

2017-2018 Kindergarten through 12th Grade Tuition & Fees

Donelson Christian Academy tuition includes books and curriculum materials in all grades and an iPad for each student in grades 6-12. The tuition varies by grade and payment plan chosen. For new students, a signed tuition contract, payment enrollment form, and non-refundable tuition deposit of $225 per student (to be applied to tuition) are due within two weeks of notification of acceptance. Registration will not be complete until all items are received.

Tuition Amounts

Kindergarten: $8,235
1st-5th Grades: $9,995
6th-8th Grades: $11,325
9th-12th Grades: $11,920

Payment Schedules

(after the $225 deposit and including any applicable payment plan service charges)

Annual Payment Schedule (due July 5)
Kindergarten: $8,010
1st-5th Grades: $9,770
6th-8th Grades: $11,100
9th-12th Grades: $11,695
Semester (due either July 5 or 20 and January 5 or 20)
Kindergarten: $4,066 x 2
1st-5th Grades: $4,946 x 2
6th-8th Grades: $5,611 x 2
9th-12th Grades: $5,909 x 2
Monthly (due either June 5 or 20 through May 5 or 20)
Kindergarten: $684 x 12
1st-5th Grades: $830 x 12
6th-8th Grades: $941 x 12
9th-12th Grades: $991 x 12


Field Trips

Field trips are a required part of the curriculum at DCA. Field trips introduce, reinforce and culminate the learning concepts introduced throughout the year. Below is an estimate of the annual costs per student. Beginning in the 5th grade, field trips could include out-of-town or overnight activities.
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd grade: $30-$50
4th -6th grade: $100-$200
7th - 9th grade: $500-$900

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities may have costs associated with them. These costs are communicated by the faculty sponsor to the parents. Please understand your financial obligation prior to your child’s participation. 


Uniforms are not included in tuition and are purchased through Parker Uniforms located at 2021 Gallatin Road North, Suite 232, Madison, TN. Every student is required to purchase uniform items from Parker Uniforms. Pre-Kindergarten students are only required to wear uniform shirts.