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  Name Title Group Contact
Jennifer Altom Altom, Jennifer Teacher Eighth Grade, English 615-577-1207
Beverly Baskin Baskin, Beverly Development Director Administrative Staff 615-577-1214
Tiffany Beierling Beierling, Tiffany Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Jennifer Beltran Beltran, Jennifer Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education 615-509-8122
John Berti Berti, John Teacher Christian Studies 615-577-1232
James Blakely Blakely, James Facility Staff 615-883-2926
Josh Bledsoe Bledsoe, Josh Teacher Fifth Grade 615-577-1202
Tara Bower Bower, Tara Elementary Educational Assistant Elementary Staff 615-577-1210
Natalie Brown Brown, Natalie teacher Fourth Grade 615-577-1202
John Calton Calton, John Department Head and Teacher 615-577-1207
Marie Cantrell Cantrell, Marie 3 Yr Old Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
John Carey Carey, John Spanish & P.E. Teacher Elementary Staff 615-577-1202
Julie Charlton Charlton, Julie College Placement Assistant Administrative Staff 615-577-1218
Deena Coble Coble, Deena Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education
Hailey Coble Coble, Hailey Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Kameisha Coffee Coffee, Kameisha Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education 615-577-1190
Kathy Collier Collier, Kathy Extended Care Coordinat Preschool Administrative Staff 615-577-1200
Tad Collins Collins, Tad Facility Staff 615-883-2926
Missy Cook Cook, Missy Choral Director Eighth Grade, Fine Arts, Seventh Grade, Sixth Grade 615-577-1237
Missy Cook Cook, Missy Choral Director 615-577-1237
Bethany Cooper Cooper, Bethany Teacher Kindergarten 615-883-2926
Deleen Cooper Cooper, Deleen Administrative Assistant to Headmaster Administrative Staff 615-577-1203
Lawrence Cornwell Cornwell, Lawrence Instructor Seventh Grade, Social Sciences 615-577-1207
Alec Cort Cort, Alec Director of Spiritual Life Christian Studies 615-577-1241
Alec Cort Cort, Alec Director of Spiritual Life 615-577-1241
Sara Crittenden Crittenden, Sara Instructor Foreign Language 615-577-1236
Doreen Crossman Crossman, Doreen Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Ellen Deathridge Deathridge, Ellen Teacher Fourth Grade 615-577-1202
Rachel Dunaway Dunaway, Rachel Instructor of English English 615-577-1220
Tonya Dunlap Dunlap, Tonya Teacher Fifth Grade 615-577-1202
Senekra Eddings Eddings, Senekra Cafeteria Staff 615-577-1263
Samantha Edwards Edwards, Samantha Teacher's Aid Early Childhood Education 615-883-6506
Kristen Folsom Folsom, Kristen Band Director Department Head - Fine Arts 615-883-2926
Janelle Forté Forté, Janelle 5th grade math/science teacher 615-577-1202
Nanette Foster Foster, Nanette Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 615-577-1268
Suzanne Franklin Franklin, Suzanne Arts Academy Instructor 615-589-9200
Amy French French, Amy Teacher Second Grade 615-577-1202
Robin Gober Gober, Robin Elementary Assistant Elementary Staff 615-577-1202
Jacquie Gonzalez Gonzalez, Jacquie Foreign Language Dept. Head/ Spanish Teacher Department Head - Foreign Lang, Eighth Grade, Seventh Grade, Sixth Grade 615-577-1238
Dennis Goodwin Goodwin, Dennis Athletic Director Administrative Staff 615-577-1230
Hannah Goodwin Goodwin, Hannah Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Kayla Graves Graves, Kayla Teacher Third Grade 615-577-1202
Maggie Green Green, Maggie DCA Preschool teacher Early Childhood Education
Betsy Ham Ham, Betsy Teacher 615-577-1207
Chuck Hamby Hamby, Chuck Food Service Director Administrative Staff 615-577-1263
Pam Hearne Hearne, Pam School Receptionist 615-577-1202
Jill Hizer Hizer, Jill Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Peyton Hizer Hizer, Peyton Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Trevor Holden Holden, Trevor Teacher Social Sciences (615) 577-1207
Brenda Hooper Hooper, Brenda Nurse Administrative Staff 615-577-1211
Shelley Huffstickler Huffstickler, Shelley Extended Care Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Renee Hunter Hunter, Renee Teacher Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Shannah Hutto Hutto, Shannah HR / Disbursements Accountant Administrative Staff 615-577-1206
Robbie Ingram Ingram, Robbie Teacher Third Grade 615-577-1202
Tabitha Ingram Ingram, Tabitha Teacher 4th Grade Teachers 615-577-1202
Nate Johnson Johnson, Nate Instructor Sixth Grade, Social Sciences 615-577-1207
Beth Kelley Kelley, Beth Piano Instructor 615-947-7419
Danny Kellum Kellum, Danny Headmaster Emeritus Administrative Staff 615-577-1203
Nina Knotts Knotts, Nina Voice Teacher 615-883-2926
Lisa LaCoursiere LaCoursiere, Lisa Teacher Third Grade 615-577-1202
Kirk LaVeck LaVeck, Kirk Elementary Principal Administrative Staff 615-577-1202
Kathye Loftis Loftis, Kathye Instr. & Dean of Women Mathematics 615-577-1207
Kelly Long Long, Kelly Teacher Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Nate Lynam Lynam, Nate Teacher Science 615-577-1207
Amy Lytle Lytle, Amy Instructor Seventh Grade 615-577-1207
Jack Matheson Matheson, Jack Director of Finance Administrative Staff 615-577-1205
Catheryne McFarland McFarland, Catheryne Department Head-MS English 615-577-1207
Sherrie McGuire McGuire, Sherrie Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Shaolu McLaren McLaren, Shaolu Instructor Foreign Language 615-577-1207
Molly McPeak McPeak, Molly Director of Admissions Administrative Staff 615-577-1216
Mary Belle Melvin Melvin, Mary Belle Teacher Elementary Related Arts, Physical Education 615-577-1226
Valerie Michel Michel, Valerie Media Staff Elementary Staff 615-883-2926
Rebekah Mitchell Mitchell, Rebekah Director of Arts Academy Administrative Staff 615-972-7936
Danielle Moll Moll, Danielle Teacher & Head Varsity Volleyball Coach 615-577-1207
Isaiah Newson Newson, Isaiah Head Strength and Conditioning Coach MS/HS Staff 615-883-2926
Lori Nichols Nichols, Lori Technical Support Spe Administrative Staff 615-577-1225
Barbara Oakley Oakley, Barbara Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Haydn Palmer Palmer, Haydn Guitar Instructor 620-755-6054
Steve Parks Parks, Steve Instructor Science, Seventh Grade 615-577-1207
Rebecca Parsons Parsons, Rebecca Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Theresa Patton Patton, Theresa Department Head Department Head - History 615-577-1207
Simon Pearson Pearson, Simon Instructor Foreign Language 615-577-1207
Julie Philippi Philippi, Julie Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Alice Prentice Prentice, Alice Academic Dean Administrative Staff, Administrator - ES/MS/HS 615-577-1212
Presley Ramsey Ramsey, Presley Instructor Eighth Grade, Social Sciences 615-577-1207
Deb Ray Ray, Deb Assist to Cafe' Manager 615-577-1263
Kevin Ray Ray, Kevin Director of Technology Administrative Staff 615-577-1223
Glenda Reid Reid, Glenda Director of Early Childhoo Preschool Administrative Staff 615-577-1198
Melissa Reinsmith Reinsmith, Melissa Teacher Early Childhood Education
Pam Reinsmith Reinsmith, Pam Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Susan Renshaw Renshaw, Susan Accts Rec./Tuition Administrative Staff 615-577-1209
Missy Roney Roney, Missy Middle & High Secretary Middle & High School Administrative Staff 615-577-1207
Danielle Rothman Rothman, Danielle Teacher Fine Arts, MS/HS Staff 615-577-1207
Renee Russell Russell, Renee 3 Yr Old Lead Teacher Early Childhood Education, Preschool Administrative Staff 615-577-1198
Bret Schierling Schierling, Bret Middle & High Principal Middle & High School Administrative Staff 615-577-1234
Nicole Schierling Schierling, Nicole Director of College Counseling Administrative Staff, MS/HS Admin, MS/HS Staff 615-577-1219
Nicole Schierling Schierling, Nicole Director of College Counseling 615-577-1219
Mia Scott Scott, Mia Event Planner 615-913-4422
DCA Scrip Scrip, DCA
Tabitha Shepard Shepard, Tabitha Instructor Eighth Grade, Mathematics, Seventh Grade 615-577-1207
Amy Shields Shields, Amy School Receptionist 615-577-1183
Karen Singer Singer, Karen Teacher Christian Studies, Social Sciences 615-577-1207
Keith Singer Singer, Keith Headmaster Administrative Staff 615-577-1208
Ashley Smith Smith, Ashley Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1197
Jessica Smith Smith, Jessica Instructor Department Head - English, MS/HS Staff 615-577-1207
Kandice Smith Smith, Kandice Advancement Assistant Administrative Staff 615-577-1215
Matt Smith Smith, Matt Asst. Athletic Director Middle & High School Administrative Staff 615-577-1175
Amy Spardoné Spardoné, Amy Administrative Assistant Early Childhood Education, Preschool Administrative Staff 615-577-1198
Rhonda Stewart Stewart, Rhonda Instructor Christian Studies, Mathematics, Sixth Grade 615-577-1207
Allison Studer Studer, Allison Teacher English 615-577-1279
Donna Terrell Terrell, Donna Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 615-577-1202
Leanne Terry Terry, Leanne Director of Media and Library Administrative Staff 615-577-1221
Laura Townes Townes, Laura Teacher First Grade 615-577-1202
Amy Tripp Tripp, Amy Elementary Music Teacher Elementary Related Arts 615-883-2926
Amy Vanatta Vanatta, Amy Teacher Elementary Related Arts, Physical Education 615-577-1202
Logan Vaupel Vaupel, Logan
Becky Vinson Vinson, Becky Teacher First Grade 615-577-1202
Paul Wade Wade, Paul Head Varsity Football Coach Administrative Staff (615) 577-1273
Beth Wagner Wagner, Beth Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Amy Walker Walker, Amy Teacher Lead Teacher - 5th Grade 615-577-1202
Joel Walsh Walsh, Joel Department Head Department Head - Science 615-577-1207
Linda Washington Washington, Linda Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1198
Schuy Weischaar Weischaar, Schuy D.E. Instructor
Sandi Wharton Wharton, Sandi Teacher Second Grade 615-577-1202
Johnny Wheeler Wheeler, Johnny Director of Security Administrative Staff 615 577-1192
Leslie Whitehead Whitehead, Leslie Teacher Early Childhood Education 615-577-1191
Christine Williams Williams, Christine Wildcat Cafe Staff
Heather Wilson Wilson, Heather Early Childhood Education
Aubrey Witherington Witherington, Aubrey 615-577-1207
Laurette Wolfe Wolfe, Laurette Teacher Mathematics, Science, Sixth Grade 615-577-1207
Matthew Work Work, Matthew Director of Advancement Administrative Staff 615-577-1213